Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lazy Morning

Sleeping like a baby. He was snoring and definitely dreaming.
Slowly waking up. And not real happy about it.
"Oh...Housewives is on... I love this show."
Duke baby and I had a pretty lazy morning yesterday. Totally wasn't my idea. I sat down to eat breakfast and turned on the New Jersey Housewives Reunion (part one, of three) and he cuddled up so adorably, we had to stay like that for the rest of the morning. I did manage to clean the house and switch out my purses (I finally upgraded to a grown up purse that I scored on Ebay) that afternoon. That being said, I was back on the couch shorty after, still in my pj's and guess who was sleeping in my lap, again? Yup. He was one tired pup. But I think he had the right idea. We stayed right there on that couch until it was time to go work on the building we're renting for our new business.
Not bad for a Monday.

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