Friday, October 26, 2012


It's been a long time since I've been able to sit down with my laptop and listen to really good music with my headphones (so long, that I thought I lost my headphones during our last move). I had the other day off, but the boyfriend didn't so I had some free time. Which meant cleaning, playing with and training Duke baby, watching football, cooking, and, finally, relaxing. My neighbors, however, are pretty sure that the Sabbath means go outside (even when it's 50 degrees out) and blast oldies (well, the same three songs over and over, and over) as loud as they possibly can. Every Sunday. For hours. Instead of calling the cops, I turned up the tv and felt like I was in Reliant Stadium. When that game ended (with the Ravens getting their you know whats handed to them), I thought if I was going to jam something in my ears to block out the noise, it should probably be headphones. I listened to country music. And I loved it. Here's a song I can't get enough of. The guitar work in the beginning, especially with headphones in and turned up maybe a little too loud, is breathtaking. Another one of those songs that you can close your eyes to and feel. Aaand it might describe me sometimes. ;)

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