Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Last Resort

So today I had the day off. And in taking Duke out for a potty break, realized it was way too beautiful to stay in. So we went for a drive to the lake. My original plan was to go to the beach so Duke could swim. I wasn't sure they allowed dogs but thought it wouldn't hurt to try. The dang place was deserted and there was a creepy construction crew there (I also planned on laying out) so there went that option. Next, we tried a state park up the road which was nice, and I let Duke play in the water, but there were too many trees to let the sun shine through, not to mention the piles upon piles of ants. Duke did get to chase butterflies which was adorable until he caught one and it hobbled off with an injured wing. So as a last resort, we went to the resort (ahahaaaa). Of course, when we got there, the spot where I planned on taking Duke was being mowed. So we wandered around and he got to see geese (including 5 babies!) and seagulls (shouldn't they be going home soon?) and duckies. He wanted to chase all of them but managed to scare them all into the lake. Once lawncare was done, we headed back to the car to get our supplies for the afternoon- beach towel, tanning lotion, doggies treats, camera, and phone. We successfully made it down, I was able to tan for about 2 hours, we played in the water, he listened to the geese (his dad would be proud) and it was an amazingly relaxing day. We tried to go visit the boyfriend at the docks, but surprisingly, they were pretty busy. So we came home. And Duke's been sleeping since we got here. I'm debating whether I should take a shower or just stay in my swimsuit and see if the boyfriend wants to go outside when he gets home soon. We shall see! Here's a couple pictures I managed to snap today-it's kinda hard to do much of anything when holding a leash attached to a very curious, and busy puppy.

He found sooo many sticks. Even pulled some out of the lake.

This was my view from the beach towel. He looks so big and tough!

He was not cooperating. Way too busy with sticks.

There we go- nice smile for mama. (And yes- his teeth are missing. He's teething! And his new teeth are HUGE.)

And here's our garden so far! I really need to go out and get some lettuce soon! Yum!

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  1. your images capture moments that duke is right with the world...and a little timber to gnaw on with water close by to jump in on occasion is just icing on the cake. perfect.