Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weightloss Smoothies

So it's that time of year again- time to start planning for what you want to look like in a swimsuit this summer. The fact that I was disgusted by my pale flabby skin when putting on a T-shirt for the first time this season is not a good sign. I've been striving contuining to eat better (minus my Cracker Bareel b-day dinner) and have been implenting fruits and veggies into meals. Almost every morning last week I had yogurt topped with fresh bananas, strawberries, or both! And one morning I whipped some yogurt, bananas, ice, water and oranges in my blender- amazing. Water has been a huge part of my diet too. I crave it now that I've been sticking to my 80 ounce a day goal. It curbs my hunger and keeps me energized. I've been looking for alternatives to protein shakes for a breakfast alternative as well as some afternoon snacks during the work week. So when I came across 23 of them, I had to share. Not all of them sound terribly appealing, and I'm going to have to hunt down some flaxseed, but I'm excited to try something new, especially since I need to get my butt (and belly, and arms, and thighs...oy) back in gear! And with this crazy warm weather, it'll be nice to have something chilly to sip on.

23 Weightloss Smoothies
23 Weightloss Smoothies

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  1. to have all of our senses awakened by the beautiful and delicious foods of spring and summer. perfect.