Monday, February 6, 2012

Things I've learned since having a puppy

It's been quite a weekend. A good one! But exhausting. Here are some things that I've learned since bringing the little guy home and of course, some pics.

1. Puppies = babies. They eat, drink, cry, and use the "bathroom" (and I use that term loosely because it varies, a lot) all. the. time.
2. I never thought cleaning up after a dog would be so natural to me. Doesn't phase me at all.
3. Taking a pup away from his 8 brothers and sisters and his mommy is really hard to do.
4. Coming home to a sweet face that runs to you when you walk in the door, even after only knowing you for 2 days, is the best feeling. ever.
5. I have been completely useless since he got here. I try to get stuff done while he's sleeping, but when he's awake, forget it. We're busy playing. And don't ask me to leave the house. If he's home, so am I.
6. Puppy runs are the sweetest, funniest things to watch. Butt going one way, head going the other. But he gets where he's going. Puppy playing, with anything, even stuff he's not supposed to, is also the sweetest.
7. Even though they're new, puppy teeth are pretty sharp. And will break the skin. And your shirt.
8. What they say about petting a dog being a stress reducer is so true. It's even more true for puppies.
9. Though we've had a few tiffs about who's doing more, for the most part, he's brought the boyfriend and I closer together. I think I cried 3 times the first day we had him while watching the two of them play. Too cute.
10. He is a living, breathing, thing with quite the personality. And life will never be the same. And we're so glad.

After his first bath in his new house!

Pitiful. Those eyes will get him just about anything he wants.

See what I mean?!

I can't get over how tiny he is!

Puppy ears flopping in the wind!

This was his first day, our first time outside and he does this? My heart was mush.

Posing for pictures!

More posing- he's getting pretty dang good.

And playing with stuff he found outside that daddy let him bring in. "You buy em toys and they play with the box", said my mother, understanding completely. :)
Welcome home Baby Duke!