Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I'll keep it short today, because I'm trying to use my time wisely. :)

Going back to work on a more frequent basis makes it seem like I'm desperately trying to use every minute of every day off to catch up on errands and odd jobs. While our house hasn't been this clean and organized since we moved in, it can be a bit overwhelming at times. We're still working on painting one more room after the closet's finished. We still have some preparations to do before the puppy comes on Friday. And then Saturday I go back to work. It all just doesn't seem to leave enough time for everything, in addition to wanting to just spend time with the boyfriend, relaxing, taking it all in, and just enjoying the fruits of our labor. So while vacuuming and sanding and painting and cleaning are important, we must not forget to take a minute, or two, to just be. To sit back and look around and really appreciate all that we have, all that we've accomplished, and just how blessed we truly are. I saw a saying the other day that I can't quite remember exactly how it went but it basically said to not let making a living get in the way of making a life. It really struck a chord. While I enjoy work, and the paycheck that comes with it, I cannot let it consume my life. I have genuinely started to try to keep the two as separate as I can. Time is precious and I'm certainly not getting any younger. I need to enjoy being this age, living in this house, with this man (and puppy) and these things.
And most days, I truly do.
Now I'm just shooting for everyday.

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