Sunday, November 13, 2011

Season of relaxation

I love fall. And this is the first fall in a looooong time that hasn't been ruined by having to go back to school. Not that those days weren't a blast. But I'm loving having this time to spend with the boyfriend, our families, and our friends. And I can't even tell you how much progress we've made on the house. (Well, I could, I will; I actually have taken a few pictures to share with y'all soon.)
Our days have been spent getting up, well-rested, around 8am (which was a struggle when I had to get up for work), making chocolate chip waffles, toast with Nutella (thanks parents!), etc. Then we watch the news, drink our coffee and decide what to do that day.

Today, our day consisted of sleeping in, then helping his aunt move into her new house. I wasn't much help as most of the furniture was way too heavy, but it was nice to see his family; they're always a good time. I also noticed a picture of the boyfriend and I taken at his brothers football game hanging on the wall of family photos in his grandparents house. Such a simple thing. But it made me feel so...welcome, and accepted. I'm very aware of how I am perceived by his family. And even though it's been over a year now, I'm finally feeling comfortable and like I belong. It's a good feeling.
Anyways, I'm getting off track. When we were driving back today, after watching the end of the Steelers game at his parents house (ps- most of his family lives in the same town, within roads of each other, making all of these visits very easy), we drove home. Usually, I'm in such a hurry to get home or on to the next thing. But nowadays, I'm so relaxed. It was beyond nice to not have to hurry off anywhere and spend money or clean or paint or move something. All we had to do was come home, and eat at some point. We ordered out tonight but lately, we've been making dinners together. I even made a coca-cola cake from scratch the other night!

Recipe here
So needless to say, I love the fall season. It's become my season of relaxation.
Enjoy it! 
(And those crunchy leaves, before the snow comes!)

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