Friday, August 12, 2011


I am currently watching the Steelers first preseason game. And I'm giddy with excitement. Not only are they starting strong, but I missed watching football so, so much.
Being within an hour of Penn State and a couple of hours from Pittsburgh, it's just silly not to try to make it to some games. I've already begun checking for tickets for any available games. Especially since my boyfriends younger brother and star football player graduated high school and won't be playing due to an injury and can't be our excuse to make a few road trips to watch him.
We really enjoy being at football games. The energy, the atmosphere, the excitement, the emotion. We just love it. It's in my blood. The entire side of my dad's family played football, and were good at it. I grew up spending Sundays and Thursdays watching games with my family, not to mention the days in between when we watched recorded games on VHS. We went to Steelers training camp. My dad went when he was a kid and saw the greats, including Terry Bradshaw. It's in the boyfriend's blood too, probably more so in his since he actually played. And was also really good.
I can't wait to be a football mom, screaming and yelling during every play, as soon as they can play pee-wee. But for now, I'll be more than content with my preseason Steelers, and hopefully some college... and maybe even some high school games.
Back to the game. I am so glad...


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