Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Chai tea

We went to my boyfriends parents house yesterday and his mother offered me a variety of drinks, most of which I turned down so I wouldn't be a bother, but her mention of chai tea caught my interest and she convinced me to try a cup. I'm hooked. It was a delicious mix of hot chocolate and apple cider flavors, which I found out is due to the black tea, milk, sweetner, and a spice mix, including cinnamon and cloves. Served warm, it was the perfect winter weather beverage.
She also said that it's supposed to be good for you so I decided to look up some more info. about it. Apparently, chai tea originated from India over 5000 years ago and was believed to have all sorts of healing powers. The health benefits range from lowered caffeine intake to easing the pain of nausea or indigestion and menstrual cramps!  It's a great alternative to coffee, can be served hot or cold and delicious anytime of year. I plan on picking some up next time we're at the store (preferably Sam's Club so I can stock up).

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